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Who am I? 
Course CalendarJay Arnott is a clinical hypnotherapist and ITA accredited NLP trainer offering Hypnotherapy and NLP training in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead, North U.K to help people:
Change unwanted behaviours and accelerate performance

Eradicate fears, phobias, SMOKING, anxieties, traumas, habits 

Integrate NLP into life, business & relationships

NLP Skype Coaching

Working remotely can be a cost effective and sometimes the only option.Connect with me though SKYPE.Prices start at £20 for a 30 minute consultation and £45 for 1.5 hours session.
NLP Video of the Month

This video NLP Rapport introduces ways in which you can consciously create rapport by mirroring, matching, micro-muscle matching and pacing physiology. Notice how Jay 'leads' at the end to test for rapport, a critical point.
NLP Training

This is NLP training and coaching for the 21st century! Book a bespoke workshop or training certification right now on 07828577938 and accelerate your performance!
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